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What is Universal Accreditation?

UA is a universal, voluntary certification program for public relations professionals that aims to unify and advance the profession by identifying those who have demonstrated their knowledge, experience and judgment in planning and managing public relations activities. UA enables PR practitioners a common credential that increases the visibility, credibility and perceived market value of the profession. Successful completion of the Accreditation process results in the awarding of the designation Accredited in Public Relations (APR) to qualified public relations professionals.

Why APR?

Successfully completing the APR exam indicates that a public relations professional has demonstrated broad knowledge, experience and professional judgment in the field. The Universal Accreditation Program seeks to improve public relations. The designation APR signifies a high professional level of experience and competence.

What Is Its Value?

Preparing for Accreditation helps professionals broaden, validate and refresh their knowledge. Having the APR designation demonstrates a serious commitment to the profession, to corporate management, colleagues and clients. More and more employers are seeking accredited candidates for senior and management-level positions.

Is Accreditation Good For Life?

Yes, with fulfillment of Maintenance of Accreditation requirements (applies to professionals who receive the APR credentials after January 1, 1998). Every three years, accredited professionals must accumulate the required number of points in continuing education, professionalism or service categories as part of the Maintenance of Accreditation Program. This further strengthens the value of the APR credential and keeps professionals actively involved in the currents of the public relations profession.

What Is The Cost?

Currently the cost is $385 per person.

New Accreditation Subsidy

Policy and Procedures for SPRF Accreditation in Public Relations Subsidy to Individual Members:

SPRF will subsidize $100 of the cost of completing the Accreditation in Public Relations Examination. To receive the subsidy, a member must complete and submit the APR Examination Subsidy Form, attach a copy of the receipt for payment of the examination fee and return by mail to the sitting SPRF President within 30 days of completing the process.

Accreditation Subsidy Form

(This subsidy is not retroactive. A member may receive the subsidy only once.) Do I Register To Take The Exam?

Each local chapter should have a designated Accreditation representative who coordinates all Accreditation activities. If you wish to take the exam, please contact your local representative or chapter president for registration materials and exam dates.

SPRF Members Who Hold the APR Designation

The following public relations professionals are entitled to use the designation APR to indicate their achievement of universal Accreditation as offered through the Southern Public Relations Federation and other participating organizations.
Accredited Members in SPR