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SPRF 2019 Lantern Awards

What have you done in the last year that was especially good and that you’re particularly proud of. Perhaps you’d like to enter your best work in the upcoming 2019 Lantern Awards. Entries must have been produced between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019. You still have time to get your work ready. Think about your crisis communication plan, social media, PR, marketing or digital campaign. You could be a winner. Stay tuned for updated information on how to enter your best work. Awards will be given out at the 2019 SPRF Conference.

Award-winning entries will demonstrate knowledge and application of the four-step process which emphasizes research, planning, implementation and evaluation. Entries are evaluated on their own merits by public relations practitioners across the country. The highest honors are the Lantern awards, followed by the Awards of Excellence and Certificates of Achievement in each category. A Best of Show award and up to two Judges’ Choice awards are selected among the highest scored entries in each competition.

For questions regarding the SPRF Lantern Awards, please contact Aleis Tusa at
DON’T FORGET — Once you have completed your entries, register for 2018 SPRF Conference in New Orleans, September 23-25, 2018! Winning entries will be announced at the Lanterns Banquet Sept. 25, 2018, during the SPRF conference (Sept. 23-25) in New Orleans, Louisiana.