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 2019 Board of Directors

President: Monica Herrera
Vice-President/Membership: Pam Sparks
Secretary: Jordyn Autry
Danna Franks
Past President: Scarlett Bauman



Program Chair: Vacant
Publicity: Kathy Morrow
SPRF Lantern Chair: Aleis Tusa
Accreditation: Ken Hair, APR
SPRF Board Representative: Ken Hair, APR
Member-at-Large: Jean Dutton


ECPR Foundation

ECPR Foundation Director: Kathy Newby
ECPR Foundation Director:
Joe Purka
ECPR Foundation Director:
Sherry Harlow, APR

The organization is governed by a board of officials elected for one year terms. ECPRO operates under a set of by-laws and a code of ethics.


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