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Fresh StarFresh Start for Children and Families is currently seeking an Executive Director to lead our mission to “Renew Hope-Rebuild Lives.”

All inquiries/Applications are handled confidentially.

Resumes will be accepted through March 30. Interviews start March 20. no later than March 30, 2018.


Mobile Area Water and Sewer System

This work involves the coordination of public information and the organization of public relations for all
departments of the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Promotes and develops public relations activities to enhance community understanding of water and sewer services; coordinates and publicizes water and sewer programs and achievements;
  • plans public information programs and implements such programs by working with all news media;
  • writes news releases and directs press conferences;
  • conducts radio and television programs to disseminate information regarding water and
    sewer functions that are of interest to the public; prepares written media for employing jurisdictions;
  • utilizes a website, door hangers and bill stuffers to inform;
  • directs and represents employing jurisdictionin community activities; addresses civic, business, and service organizations on public service matters;
  • maintains communication with departmental staff, media representatives, civic and community groups and the general public; develops and oversees utility educational efforts in schools;
  • plans, schedules and implements special projects, functions and events;
  • manages departmental budget;
  • performs related work as required.

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